Virtual Fest

Part 1: Zine Exchange

We did a zine exchange a few months back and it was a blast so we’re doing it again! All you have to do is make 5 zines, then we’ll send you 5 addresses and you send yours out, you then get 5 zines in the mail.

Sign up by March 1st

Mail out by March 31st


Part 2: livestream

We’ve seen some amazing livestreams this year and we want in. If you have a reading you’d like to do, some sort of how-to demo you’re great at, a weird performance, or any other tangental zine type streamable content we’d love for you to participate.

Sign up by March 1st

Stream on March 12th


Part 3: Digital Zines

Due to the virtual nature of the fest we’d like to encourage you to create digital zines! We’ve seen easily downloadable PDFs, Google spreadsheet zines, web comics, etc. We want more of this! The future is now. This will function as a living document on our website. Here's a board we set up for inspiration Feel free to get weird with it!

Signup and submit content by March 1st

We still need $

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