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Tallahassee Zine Fest is an all inclusive festival allowing the Tallahassee community to showcase self published books and a variety of other types of printed matter. TZF is a platform for the DIY community and merges locals, academics, and anyone interested in printed media. People also travel into Tallahassee to sell work at a table, purchase zines, or just experience the festival. The atmosphere is casual which gives all attendees a chance to talk with each other face to face, about zines, zine related projects, and art work in general.


TZF was started in 2017 and is set for its 6th year, with the support of a few amazing volunteers. It is constantly adapting and growing to fit the needs of the Tallahassee and national zine community. Big things are happening.

Founding member, Colleen Itani @ Zinefest 2018

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